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Mix Au Lait Promotion to Feature Eeveelutions & New Saiko Soda Goods

The official Pokémon Center Japan site has updated with more information on the upcoming Mix Au Lait promotion!

The new line of goods will include plush, mascot plush keychains, plush pins, and much more. In addition, new merchandise from this summer’s Saiko Soda line (featuring Eevee and Pikachu) will also be released.

The Pokémon Center will debut new exclusive gachapon figures from Mix Au Lait and Saiko Soda. All merchandise is scheduled for a release day of January 1st.

Mix Au Lait/Saiko Soda Merchandise Lineup:
Plush 1500 yen each
Mascot Plush 1000 yen each
Cookies 1000 yen
Ramune Candy 850 yen
Plush Pins 600 yen each
Clearfile Set (A4 size) 460 yen
Decorative Tape Set 600 yen
Sticker Sheet 500 yen
Notebook (A5 size, 3 designs) 350 yen each
Eeveelution Pens 600 yen each
Vertical Pouch (2 designs) 1500 yen each
Coin Purse (2 designs) 1200 yen each
Hand Towel 500 yen
Face Towel 1000 yen
Bento Lunch Box (stack of 2) 1700 yen
Lunch Fork (with travel case) 500 yen
Tupperware Containers (set of 3) 1400 yen
Stainless Steel Bottle 2500 yen
Glass Mug (11 designs) 1900 yen each
Blanket 3000 yen
Bandaid Set (two versions) 400 yen each
Umbrella 2800 yen
MEI Brand Messenger Bag (9 designs) 4800 yen each
Socks (set of three, 11 designs) 1000 yen

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