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Mystery Pokémon? “Pokémon A” to be Included in Bandai’s April Kids Figures

The full lineup for Bandai’s April Kids Figures has appeared on online marketplaces:

Lineup (14 types + 1 secret):
– Meltan
– Pikachu
– Rowlet
– Litten
– Popplio
– Torracat
– Brionne
– Nagisa (Lana’s Eevee)
– Pokémon A
– Alola Vulpix
– Vikavolt
– Golisopod
– Lunala
– Ultra Necrozma
– Special Secret

The official title of this installment of Kids Figures is “Pokémon Kids Sun & Moon New Discovery! Meltan Edition”

“Pokémon A” is notable because from the lineup we can tell it is not Meltan (or Lana’s Eevee). Stay tuned to Pokécollective for more updates on this very interesting set!

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