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New Release Date for Pokémon Center Christmas 2018 Promotion

Most of this year’s Christmas promotion at the Pokémon Center was delayed due to an error on the artwork (Dragonite’s wing was the wrong color).  The mistake has been corrected and the release has finally been announced!

Old version on left, new on right. Sneaky little wing!
December 8th:
Clearfile (A4 size) 240 yen
Message Card 450 yen
Decorative Tape 600 yen
Sticker Sheet 500 yen
Ceramic Mug 1300 yen
Hand Towel 500 yen
Drawstring Bag 600 yen

December 15th:
Chocolate Tin 900 yen

Unfortunately, the metal charms are now cancelled entirely and will not be released. They’re such a cute part of the Christmas promotion and we’re sad to see them go!

New stock images have yet to be added for the corrected goods, keep your eyes peeled for them coming soon.

Outdated (wrong color) images of tape, towel, drawstring bag, and tin.

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