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Expected June 2019 Banpresto Prize Releases

In addition to advertisements for the Korotto Manmaru & Pokémon Focus series, the Banpresto prize catalog reveals the following scheduled releases for June 2019:

Korotto Manmaru Colorful Series Large Plush Slowpoke, Luvdisc, Sylveon
Pokémon Focus: Evolution Stones Large Plush Eevee & Flareon
Pokémon Focus: Evolution Stones Large Plush Eevee & Jolteon
Kororin Friends Minis Raichu, Slowpoke, Cubone, Dragonite
Mimikyu Mania! Extra Large Plush Mimikyu

“Pikachu Mania!” is a long-running Banpresto series with steady releases from 2015 through 2018 — Mimikyu’s new plush titled Mimikyu Mania! likely indicates a new Mimikyu-focused series in a similar vein. Keep your fingers crossed, Mimikyu fans!

Stay tuned to Pokécollective and we will update with photos as they become available!

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