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Sumie Retsuden Promotion Released in Japan Pokémon Centers

Sumie Retsuden is a special collaboration between Japan’s Pokémon Centers and traditional artist Okazu.

The promotion released in Japan on January 19th.

The full lineup is as follows:

Tea Containers (Matcha Sencha/Gyokuro/Japanese Black) 1,000 yen each
Mini Folding Screen (6 designs, blind packaged) 500 yen each
Water-Absorbent Coasters (Greninja, Zeraora, Lucario) 960 yen each
Matte Can Badge Set of Two (6 designs total) 500 yen per set
T-Shirt (M or L size, 6 designs) 3,000 yen each
Square Pouch (3 designs) 1,500 yen each
Coin Purse (3 designs) 1,200 yen each
Folding Fan (3 designs) 2,200 yen each
Magewappa Bento Box (Lucario & Zeraora) 3,000 yen each
Small Plate Set of Two (6 designs total) 1,200 yen per set
Hot Water Cups (3 designs) 1,000 yen each
Tenugui Towel (6 designs) 1,300 yen each
Clearfile Set of Three 700 yen per set
Sticker Set of Two (6 designs total) 400 yen per set
iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Soft Case (Greninja, Zeraora, Lucario) 1,880 yen each

TCG Card Sleeves (6 designs total) 720 yen each
TCG Playmat (3 designs) 2,500 yen each
TCG Deck Box (3 designs) 362 yen each

Pokémon Center Online Exclusives:
Framed CharaFine Art Prints 20,000 yen each
Greninja & Sceptile, Lucario & Zeraora, Gallade & Garchomp

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